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Importance of the skilled crafts and trades

CONTRIBUTIONS in the magazine "Denkmal heute"
about traditional handicrafts

In the context of a co-operation with the monument office and with Mrs. Prof. Mag. Maria Walcher, an Expert for intangible cultural heritage,
individual traditional skilled crafts are presented in the magazine "DENKMAL HEUTE":

Craft of the forge // Issue 1/2023

The craft of stonemasons and master builders // Issue 2/2023

Bookbinder's craft // Issue 1/2022

Craft of gilders // Issue 2/2022

Craft of terrazzo // Issue 1/2021

Craft of house painters ators // Issue 2/2021

Craft of chimney sweepers // Issue 1/2020

Craft of stonemasons // Issue 2/2020

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