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Metal Talk 2023

On 28.9.2023, organized by Netzwerk Metall - Verein zur Förderung österreichischer Stahl-, Glas- und Metallbauer, the Metal Talk 2023 took place on the topic "The craft in the social perception", to which Institute Director DI Heidrun Bichler-Ripfel was invited as a studio guest.

Not "only" as a service provider and manufacturer of high-quality products, the craft trade profession is indispensable for a functioning society. The skilled crafts and trades can do much more! As an employer, it creates career prospects for future generations, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, the profession serves as a source of identity.

There is a consensus: the craft sector in Austria needs even more public awareness! In this context, entrepreneurs are currently facing a number of questions: How do craftsmen present themselves to the public? How can I take advantage of the current digitalization and globalization to present myself attractively to potential employees and customers? And what influence could this have on the shortage of skilled workers?

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