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No hoof - no horse!
Austria's farriers are committed to the best possible training - for healthy hooves and horses!

Centers of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) are being established and expanded as part of the EU's Erasmus program. One such initiative is the improvement of the qualification profile of farriers as part of the 3LoE project (Three-level centers of professional - 3 LoE), which is funded and supported by the EU.

Healthy hooves - Healthy horses
Anyone who owns a horse knows how important healthy hooves are - whether for leisure, sport or work! - A healthy hoof is the be-all and end-all for a healthy horse! Austrian farriers know this too! The holistic health of horses is particularly important to them.

Specialists guarantee
Farriery experts meet at regular intervals to exchange ideas and information to ensure that the high quality of Austrian farriers is maintained. - Good training and lifelong learning play an essential role in ensuring that competent specialists can provide sustainable and holistic care for healthy hooves and horses! In addition to a high level of qualification, regular hoof care is also important.

Meeting place - Stadl-Paura Equestrian Center
Farriery experts like to meet in Stadl-Paura - the Austrian equestrian center in Upper Austria! After all, there is a training workshop there where young talents can learn and improve their farriery skills - and have been doing so for many generations.

Sustainable & fit for the future
The IAGF supports these developments - as part of the EU-funded 3LoE project - so that even small craft businesses or EPUs, such as most Austrian mobile farriers, can pursue their work happily, competitively and successfully on a daily basis - for "Healthy hooves & horses!

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