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Digitization & Innovation

Lectures & Workshops

In order to provide personal support to as many entrepreneurs as possible on the path to digitizing their businesses, communication formats such as industry-specific keynote speeches and workshops are being developed by the IAGF and implemented in collaboration with the respective state and federal guilds.

Our digitization workshops and presentations are characterized in particular by the fact that participants are not only sensitized to the topic, but are also activated to implement it by imparting practical application knowledge tailored to specific industries and professions.

The presentations will focus on the industry-specific status quo, the digital opportunities tailored to the respective occupational group including the benefits at individual company level, but also the possible hurdles and obstacles that stand in the way of successful digitization, together with guidance on how to successfully overcome these hurdles.

For example, presentations were given across various states for the following professions and industries:

  • Carpenters and woodworkers
  • Fashion and clothing technology
  • Stonemasons
  • Hairdressers
  • Roofers, glaziers and tinsmiths
  • Crafts
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Chiropodists, beauticians and masseurs
  • Installers
  • Hafner
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In addition, industry-specific workshop formats were designed by the Institute for Applied Industrial Research. The target group for the digitization workshops is primarily entrepreneurs in the commercial sector who have not yet been able to adequately address the complex topic of digitization in their company. In other words, companies where there is great potential for digital developments.

The number of participants in these workshops is designed in such a way that the focus can be placed on the individual company level. In this way, entrepreneurs work out strategies in these workshops on how they can lead their company step by step along the path of digital possibilities and which obstacles need to be overcome and how. Best- and worst-case examples are always used to illustrate the direction in which things should or must not go. In addition, the workshops will address funding opportunities that are open to every company to facilitate the path to digitization. Workshops within the framework of the initiative have the fixed point "speed dating with certified consultants", so that the participating entrepreneurs can get to know different consultants, in order to subsequently deepen workshop results and start with the implementation in their own company.

So at the end of each workshop, everyone knows the path to the future, the milestones of implementation, the funding opportunities and their personal digitization professional.


Interested in a workshop or presentation on the topic of digitalization in the skilled trades?

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