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That's the way to go! NQR5 Continuing education on everyone's lips! NQF5 Fire protection already at the table!

Further training! Further training! Further training! - is the motto of Austrian chimney sweeps. Together with the IAGF, the chimney sweep expert team for further training has developed the new specialization "Fire protection, property and supply safety" at NQF5 level. A clear knowledge advantage for chimney sweeps to remain competitive in the fast-moving heating market!

Whether comprehensive customer advice on air pollution control, energy efficiency or fire protection: Austria's chimney sweeps are focusing on high-quality training measures in their "Strategy Chimney Sweep 2030". After the NQF5 further training to the energy efficiency advisor, an expert team together with the IAGF compiled also the specialization to the "NQF5 fire protection". Both teams have been working together constructively for many years.

Step by step - 3LoE makes it possible!
It takes many steps before a new training course can be on the table! There are many steps from the idea to the actual training course. The requirements are high. The Austrian education system is complex. The new continuing education should "bring something", it should be sustainable, make its graduates fit for the future and competitive. In other words, it has to be as formally and substantively

  • high quality,
  • internationally recognized and comparable, and
  • be legally secured.

The European Qualifications Framework forms the basis. The EU project 3LoE with the aim of improving vocational education and training across Europe has made this pioneering and collaborative effort possible!

Step 1 is done! The qualification standard is on the table!
It takes a lot of patience, concentration and brain power to formulate together in writing what the graduate must actually be able to do at the end of the training:

  • What knowledge, what skills, what competencies must he/she meet?
  • Which activities and which know-how correspond to the NQF 5 level in contrast to, for example, the journeyman's examination at NQF4 or the master craftsman's examination at NQF6?
  • As a consumer, what can I expect from a chimney sweep with the NQF5 training in fire protection?
  • As a business owner, what if I hire a new employee?

The experts have now worked out this new qualification together with the IAGF and specified it precisely in the qualification standard. It is ready on the table.

Goal - training as soon as possible
The experts are already working diligently on the next step, the examination regulations. Here, too, the experience, expertise, and prudence of the team of experts will have a positive effect on the possible examinees. After all, the exam should be designed in such a way that an examinee can optimally demonstrate his or her acquired expertise, knowledge and skills. At the same time, it must be possible to evaluate the examination objectively. The goal is to start a training course as soon as possible! - We will keep you informed!

What a chimney sweep with an "NQR5 Fire Protection" additionaltraining can do!
This additional training hits exactly the core area of chimney sweeps and expands their expertise: to take preventive measures at the right time in the right place with the right means so that fire-hazardous situations cannot arise in the first place.

For example, those who specialize in "fire protection, property and utility security" are particularly qualified,

  • Advise customers and clients regarding supply security, such as blackout, and develop appropriate improvement options,
  • Read and adequately interpret construction or submittal plans for fire protection,
  • use a fire protection plan to identify and interpret required fire protection measures in the building to be evaluated,

    but also -
  • to detect apparent defects in electrical installations,
  • Check smoke and carbon monoxide warning alarms and portable fire extinguishers for proper operation in accordance with standards,
    or even
  • Independently perform the duties of a fire safety officer(s).

This further training enables above all journeymen to deepen their knowledge in the area of "fire protection" and to independently process work assignments in the area of fire protection.

Source: New continuing education qualifications at NQF 5 in the craft of chimney sweeping - "Fire protection and property safety and security of supply," Qualification Standard NQF Level 5. Final version, Jan. 17, 2023.

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