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Futurelab - Developing new future opportunities together

Whether plumber, hairdresser, electrician or stonemason - according to the principle - "practitioners for practitioners" - entrepreneurs and businesswomen exchange ideas with practice-proven trainers and scientists in the "Future Lab" of the IAGF.

We have recently implemented the following Futurelabs as manuals, take a look:

Futurelab Electrical Engineering - "The Future of Electrical Engineering"

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Futurelab HGSLKK - "The future of climate hero:ing for heating, gas, plumbing, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning technology".

The aim is to jointly develop solutions for technological, industry-specific and social challenges and trends - both theoretically and practically.

An IAGF-futurelab is tailor-made and results-oriented, it addresses different framework conditions and requirements. Questions, needs, and concerns have just as much room to be asked, presented, and exchanged in a jointly defined framework as new ideas, wishes, joint strategies, and innovations.

An experienced team supports you, for example, in developing solutions together to better network or position yourself as an industry - in the rapid further development of the "Green Economy". Or, as an individual entrepreneur, to make your day-to-day work more efficient digitally and to be more present and easily accessible for customers online.

Whether digitization, energy transition, climate crisis, shortage of skilled workers or innovations of the "Green Economy" - these developments affect everyone, but have different effects on individual entrepreneurs and industries. Different methods offer - as desired - a versatile, holistic or very stringent and clear approach to identify, develop and realize new opportunities - both via online meetings and in face-to-face meetings.

Theoretical, practical and experiential knowledge play just as much a role in the innovative collection of ideas and development of new solutions as technical know-how, creativity and emotion. The necessary flair for communicating with employees, customers, suppliers and colleagues also gets its place.

The IAGF-Futurelab offers the possibility to make visible which possibilities each individual has to deal with new requirements and which support the group, the industry can give - for an appreciative cooperation, a good business result, a fulfilled life as an entrepreneur.

Futurelab Electrical Engineering - "The Future of Electrical Engineering"

The manual "The Future of Electrical Engineering" is available for download:

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In several working groups of the Federal Guild, a manual was developed in the Futurelab Electrical Engineering with the cooperation of industry members, in which trends and innovations are taken up and a promising future image of electrical engineering is developed.
The main topics of the manual are the image of the electrician of the future and the development of occupational models. Interesting questions are in the center: 

  • Becoming innovative!? - What's it all for?
  • Trends - What's new?
  • Innovation potential - What is possible?
  • The path to innovation - How does it work?
  • Who are you, electrician? What can you do, electrician? 

The majority of customers associate the electrician's job profile with chiselling walls, pulling and laying cables, fitting sockets and switches and installing the distribution box.

Tomorrow it could already look different and the customer can associate with the electrician, plain and simple, own power generation paired with the intelligence of the house. All this for more energy independence, more comfort, more security and more time at less cost. All in all, the customer gets more quality of life from the electrician of the future and, on top of that, the feeling of being part of a climate-friendly future.

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Futurelab HGSLKK - "The future of climate hero:ing for heating, gas, plumbing, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning technology".

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The manual "The future of climate hero:in for heating, gas, sanitary, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning technology" is available for download:

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The following main topics are covered in the manual:

  • We are innovative and future-oriented
  • We are digital! Digital technologies fundamentally change companies
  • We are attractive! Technological innovation needs motivated employees
  • We are with the customer
  • Demands of the industry on politicians

As Ing. Mst. Manfred Denk, Federal Guild Master of Sanitary, Heating and Ventilation Technicians aptly puts it in the foreword: "Fossil was yesterday, now comes renewable!"

With this credo and all the challenges of climate change in mind, the manual shows strategies on how the turnaround can succeed with the help of modern technology and work strategies and even secure new business areas and a secure corporate future. In addition to trends and innovations, the topics of digitization in operations and external appearance, as well as the challenges surrounding the shortage of skilled workers, are also addressed.

This Futurelab is rounded off not only by the industry's demands on politicians, but also by numerous authentic quotes from industry representatives, who - collected in many hours of interviews - paint a confident picture for the heating, gas, sanitary, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning technicians of tomorrow.

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